Shakespeare Theatre Is At It Again

Three Signs May 2017Once again, Shakespeare Theatre is trying to change neighborhood zoning in order to erect a large building at 501 Eye Street SW.

Earlier this month, Shakespeare Theatre gave notice of its intention to file a revised zoning application by June 16, 2017. The application will seek to rezone the 501 Eye Street SW property to zone MU-4, which would permit 50-foot tall buildings plus penthouses. Last summer, Shakespeare Theatre withdrew their previous plans after sustained neighborhood objection and a negative report by the DC Office of Planning.

Here is what has happened repeatedly over the last three years and what we can expect to happen again on this issue:

  • Shakespeare Theatre presents a lightly-revised plan that continues to disregard neighborhood concerns.
  • The community shows up in force to remind Shakespeare Theatre of the myriad reasons their zoning change attempt is greedy and inappropriate for the neighborhood.
  • Shakespeare Theatre puts out a press release about much support their plan has.
  • Shakespeare Theatre refuses to take advantage of less greedy but still profitable options that maintain the site’s current zoning.

The monstrosity Shakespeare Theatre is proposing would be far higher and much denser than what is permitted by the current R-3 zoning, which is designed for town houses and allows three floors to a maximum of 40 feet. This is the zoning the community wants to maintain.

What will it take for Shakespeare Theatre to stop attempting to destroy the character of our neighborhood?




One thought on “Shakespeare Theatre Is At It Again

  1. Shakespeare said they would not build if the community did not want their high-rise. But they continue to try to force it —- Please no change in zoning!!! No high-rise!


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