DC Office of Planning Chooses Smart Growth

The DC Office of Planning made it official – they are not recommending that the Zoning Commission set down a hearing for the Shakespeare Theatre Planned Unit Development at 501 Eye Street SW. The neighborhood has been much cheered by the news. The Office of Planning’s recommendation not to set down a hearing is a logical corollary to the work the community and the Office of Planning did in advance of the issuance of the Southwest Small Area Plan last year.

The official word from the Office of Planning came in the Planned Unit Development material the Zoning Commission will review before deciding on July 11, 2016, whether to set down a hearing on the Shakespeare Theatre proposal to change the zoning at 501 Eye Street SW. A copy of the Office of Planning memo can be found here. The full Planned Unit Development case record can be found on the Zoning Commission website here by searching for case number 16-04. There’s no opportunity for public comment at the July 11 Zoning Commission meeting, but if you want to see for yourself what happens, the Zoning Commission livestreams its meetings at this link.

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