SW Small Area Plan Adopted Without Any 501 I Street Zoning Change Recommendations

Charles Allen Ward 6On July 14, Councilmember Charles Allen successfully moved a resolution approving the Southwest Small Area Plan, which will guide and inform the development of Southwest for years to come. The Southwest Small Area Plan approved by the City Council is the product of 18 months of meetings with the community. Over 800 people participated in the plan’s development. The full text of the plan can be found here.

The Southwest Small Area Plan covers many aspects of Southwest’s future, but for the purposes of this blog, it’s important to note that the approved plan does not recommend a zoning change for the 501 I Street SW / Southeastern University site. This is good news for the hope that eventual construction at the site will be in keeping with the 3-story character of the neighborhood.

The City Council-approved plan states: “At this time, the Southwest Neighborhood Plan is not making a recommendation for a land use designation change for this site until further outreach efforts can be conducted by the Shakespeare Theater and their development partner to address community concerns.”

501 I Street SW is currently zoned R-3. The DC Office of Zoning describes R-3 zoning as follows:

“Permits matter-of-right development of single-family residential uses (including detached, semi-detached, and row dwellings), churches and public schools with a minimum lot width of 20 feet and a minimum lot area of 2,000 square feet for row dwellings, 30 feet and 3,000 square feet for single-family semi-detached dwellings, 40 feet and 4,000 square feet for all other structures and 120 feet and 9,000 square feet for schools, a maximum lot occupancy of 60% for row dwellings, churches and schools, 20% for public recreation and community centers, and 40% for all other structures, and a maximum height of three (3) stories/forty (40) feet (60 feet for churches and schools and 45 feet for public recreation and community centers). Rear yard requirement is twenty (20) feet.”

Here’s a link to Councilmember Allen’s Southwest Small Area Plan press release.

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