Erkiletian Corp Talks to the ANC About Razing the SEU Building

SEU Raze Plan Map
SEU Raze Plan Map

On June 8, 2015, at the ANC6D meeting, Erkiletian Construction Corporation publicly discussed its plans to raze the SEU building at 501 I Street SW beginning June 22. Click here for the raze plan map and here for the raze plan narrative. The razing is planned to take 5 weeks and will start behind the H Street SW houses the first week. In the second and third weeks, razing will move to I Street and then toward Amidon-Bowen elementary school in weeks four and five. Erkiletian said two water hoses would be used continuously to minimize dust, though the linked plans note one will be used unless two are necessary. Debris will be collected behind H Street and hauled offsite via the exit onto Sixth Street and then onto I Street moving toward South Capitol Street.

Erkiletian said razing will occur between 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday, though they are permitted to work beyond those hours and on Saturday. Erkiletian said that if razing was going to occur on a Saturday, the neighborhood would be informed ahead of time. Vehicles related to the razing would not be using street parking and would all be parking on the SEU site. The structure will be razed to the ground, and the basement will be filled in with fist-sized concrete pieces from the above-ground demolition. Erkiletian said there is no asbestos in the material, and that after the razing, the result would be a solid surface, not something that anyone could fall through.

Contact Paul Kokosinski
Paul Kokosinski Business Card

Residents and the ANC asked that the below-grade concrete material be filled in with dirt so it’s not a home for rats or other disease-spreading pests. Questions about the raze plans and real-time concerns after the razing begins can be directed to Erkiletian’s onsite manager Paul Kokosinski at 703-671-4400. Paul said he prefers phone calls, but his email address is

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