Site Razing – No (Apparent) Notice Given

On Friday May 8, several members of the community learned that the 501 I Street SW site would be razed, and a raze permit had been granted on April 29, 2015. Required notifications were not given. Thirty days notice is required to be given to the community via public postings as detailed on DCRA’s Raze Permiting website (click here); 30 days notice is required to be given to the Advisory Neighborhood Community as detailed on DCRA’s Raze Guidelines (click here); and 10 days notice is required to be given to the Southwest Neighborhood Assembky.

Update 5/14/2015: A representative from Councilmember Charles’ Allens’ office was able to speak with a member of DCRA’s Commissioner’s office and learned that the razing at 501 I Street SW is being permitted under the raze permit in requested in May 2014. Razing will begin May 18, 2015. Despite numerous previous requests over the last two months, DCRA did not share 501 I Street SW permit information with neighbors. Shakespeare Theatre along and Erkiletian Construction Corporation neither posted notices about the impending razing nor notified property line neighbors or any other neighbors about the impending action. Neighbors have not had time to confirm the appropriate health and safety mitigations are in place. Last November 2014, an inspector from the DC Department of the Environment visited the site after being alerted to dust accumulating on adjacent properties. The Shakespeare / Erkiletian construction crew at the site was advised of how to accomplish their work using techniques that are not harmful to human health. 

3 thoughts on “Site Razing – No (Apparent) Notice Given

  1. It seems that Southwest will never be safe from easy demolition, starting with the “Urban Removal” of the 60’s before historic preservation took hold of critical parts of the city to protect civil war, Victorian and other historic-era homes, churches and other buildings from the wrecking crews. The house my parents bought on Capitol Hill in 1957 was slated for demolition for several years — one of 3 identical frame houses on 5th St., NE, just 5 blocks from the US Capitol, Supreme Court and Library of Congress. Luckily, historic preservation and the Capitol Hill Restoration Society were launched around that same time, but my parents had to go to court multiple times to protect their dream house. Developers did manage to tear down the building that once housed “Mary’s Blue Room,” said to be the first ice cream parlor in DC. The space became a parking lot for Capitol Hill Baptist Church. But that was a long time ago. Good luck fighting back!


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